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Learn about custom wedding gown design options from Sorbello Couture.

How it works!

We'll guide you through a 4-step design process:

Your idea

Our sketched rendering

A mock up dress to try on

An exclusive original gown


What We Offer

Custom Design – Have you been dreaming of your ideal wedding dress since you were a little girl? The fabrics, the cut, the feel…but you just can’t seem to find a dress that brings that dress into your reality? Susan works with brides to help bring that dream dress to life when discussing fabrics, styles, and the overall design concept. Allow her to be your Fairy Godmother and watch her transform a pencil and paper sketch into that very dress that has been trapped in your dream for all these years. Give life to your unique style with a custom designed gown by Susan Sorbello at Sealed With A Kiss.

Custom Design Consultation Fee – Non-refundable deposit consultation charge of $75 per half hour (minimum half hour appointments required). Finished gown price averages $3000-$6000 dependent upon fabric and design.  Simple designs with minimal details begin at $2000.

Redesign – Do you already have a dress but it just needs a little extra something to make it uniquely yours? Maybe the perfect sash, straps, or additional embellishment. Susan can help you turn your dress into your dream dress with custom redesign work.Redesign Fee– Determined on an individual basis.

Please contact us to determine how we can best serve you. When you’re ready, schedule your appointment.